Upscale Carpet Cleaning. Striving to be the best.


Things get dirty. It's a fact of life. That doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to not  living in the cleanest setting imaginable!

At Upscale Carpet Cleaning, we like to clean carpet, and our enthusiasm shows.

We understand it's not only important to being productive and healthy, but it's also more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.  No one like a dull looking dirty carpet.

A Few More Words About Us

Our prices are consistent.

  • We don't change our prices from the original quoted price.

  • We take our time to make sure we do it right, instead of chasing the next customer.

the job we are on is the most important to us.


 About Us

 Meet Leon

Everyone likes to keep a clean carpet, but more they can't find the time for it. Upscale Carpet Cleaning wants to do something about it, so they started a carpet cleaning company to help with convenient carpet cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

​We value your time and trust, so we go all the way. We are into building relationships, because our customers are assets to our carpet cleaning business.